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BLU Quick Start Guide

Use Blu Track Indoors and Outdoors

Lay out your track

Lay your Blu Track out flat on the floor. If your track seems to be curling too much, coil the track the opposite direction. If that doesn't work, try using a hair dryer or warm water to soften the track.

Different Ways to use your Hanger

Hang up your track

Hang up your track on something stable like a window or a heavy hook. (IMPORTANT: BluTrack Hanger Pads are NOT meant to be used on screws)

How to use your anchor bar

Stabilize your track

Attach an anchor strap or an anchor bar to your track and add weight to the tabs to keep your track stable.

NOTE: The more your track moves, the more energy you're losing.

Decrease the angle

Move your track 

Pull the track away from the wall/support to change the angle of your car drop.

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