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From teaching basic force and motion concepts to engineering complex car coasters, both indoors or outdoors, BLU has a long-lasting, cost effective solution for your school / district. Blu Track is an educational toy, so don't be afraid to let your students play without guidelines.

Kindergarten through 5th grade


As always, Blu Track is made in the USA!


Online Resources

We have teaching guides and online resources ready for you. Click here to check them out!

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Meets National Standards

Blu Track complies with TEKS and Next Generation Science Standards.


Outside the Box Thinking

Encourage inventive thinking by letting your students play without normal accessories


Hands-On Lessons

Have students see and feel the laws of physics.

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Shared Resources

Blu Track is easily shared with your fellow teachers. Stretch your limited resources farther!


Just Plain Fun!

With a quick set up and take down time, Blu Track is perfect for indoor and outdoor recess.


6th through 8th grade

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Data Collection

Have students accurately measure and collect data in a hands on way.


Explore Newton's Laws

Have students see, feel and measure the laws of physics.


Promote Teamwork

Have students collaborate to show different solutions to the same problem.


Engage with Fun!

There's no better way to teach than with physical examples!


9th grade and beyond

BluTrack in Iowa.jpg

Fast Set Up and Take Down

Quickly switch between taking and analyzing data.

Design Challenges

Challenge your students to show their understanding through complex designs.

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Use your Blu Track every year! There's no need to keep buying foam piping!


Sharable Resources

We have teaching guides and online resources ready for you! Click here to check them out

Home Schools


Inspired Learning

Learn physics, physically! See how the world works while having fun!

Always Growing

Blu Track's simple design allows for your lessons to become more complex while your children age.


Student Journals Available

We have written a student journal available online. Skip the lesson planning for the day!

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More than Learning

Blu Track is also a toy. 

Just Play!

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