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  • What is the recommended minimum age for Blu Track?
    Minimum Recommended Age for Blu Track
  • Which types of cars work on Blu Track?
    Any 1/64th scale car will work on Blu Track, but we’ve found that Blu Track Racers and Hot Wheels® cars do work best. NOTE:Most cars from the movie “Cars” will work on any Blu Track, but the larger versions are too wide for Performance Series track. They work best on our Classic Series.
  • Do toy Monster Trucks work on Blu Track?
    Although it is possible to use Monster Trucks on Blu Track, please consider the following: *If the child wants to problem solve to make a Monster Truck steady and stay on the track, it could be a great learning experience. However, if the child is looking for a vehicle that will go through loops, up and down hills, and go fast, traditional cars are a better option. *Typically, the trucks are too wide to fit in one lane. However, they can straddle the middle channel and go down the track that way. The trucks go back and forth between staying on the track and falling off. *Monster Trucks are designed to have large wheels and loose, shaky axles. This makes them much less aerodynamic than other cars, which causes a few challenges while playing with the track. It has been found that although the trucks can go down the track, they have difficulty making it up hills. For some kids, this is an interesting challenge that can prompt thinking, but for others, it can be extremely frustrating. As with toy cars, a wide variety of Monster Truck styles are available. We have attached a video demonstrating what playing with one Monster Truck on Blu Track is like.
  • Not sure what Blu Track fits your family best?
    1) Age of child(ren) -For younger kids, the shorter track (Classic 15 ft) is a bit more user-friendly because it is lighter and easier to twist and turn. The kids can design the track from race to jump to loop to the mountain more independently. 2) Physical space -Indoor/outdoor & temperatures (if used outside when warmer a thicker track is encouraged) -Length of track to fit space (longer tracks can be rolled up to fit play space) 3) Accessories -When first playing, try using books, boxes, shoes, water bottles….get creative! Once you’ve experimented on your own, adding ramps to your track designs will simply expand the possibilities! Blu Track Racers and Premium Hanger Pads are also available.
  • Why are there so few instructions with my track?
    Blu Track is designed to inspire imagination. Too many instructions actually reduce creativity - and that defeats the goal of Blu Track! The value (and the fun) in experimenting with Blu Track designs is mostly in the trial and error. We learn more by fixing designs that don’t work, than by being given ones guaranteed to work every time. You know that sense of achievement and pride you get when you build something that works? That’s the feeling we want to share with Blu Track! And if you get stuck, you can always check out our Inspiration Gallery to fuel your creativity!
  • How do I clean my Blu Track?
    You can easily clean your Blu Track by placing it under running water or by wiping the track surface with common household cleaners (hand or dish soap, etc.). NOTE: Hot water will temporarily soften your track - just until it cools to room temperature.
  • Where is Blu Track made?
    We are proud to say that our tracks and components are purchased, manufactured, assembled and packaged right here in the United States! Only our BluTrack Racers (cars) are sourced outside the U.S.
  • What should I do if my BluTrack will not lay flat or is very stiff?
    Method 1: Coil the track in the opposite direction. Leave for a minute or two and then extend track. Start play! Method 2: Temperature effects the track so if your track has been in the cold for a long period of time it may take several days to warm up. If you’d like to speed up that process, coil it up and soak the entire track (EXCEPT the hanger pad) in warm water for 2 minutes. This will quickly soften the track for you to start the FUN faster!
  • Can I extend my Blu Track system?
    Yes you can! The Blu Track connector pad attaches tracks together using an adhesive pad (vs. the peg design used by traditional track systems) which you can purchase here. Connecting is easy! Simply peel the adhesive backing off, stick to the track, and rub to seal tight! Note: Be sure to connect tracks of the same Series (e.g. Classic Series with Classic Series). Other Options: If you're looking to extend your track to better suit your needs, please consider checking out other lengths and series of Blu Track.
  • My set doesn’t include ramps… do I need ramps?
    The short answer is NO! You don’t need ramps to have hours of fun with Blu Track. Just look around you, and we guarantee you'll find structure to support your Blu Track designs everywhere. Experiment using basic household items. That will spur your imagination and encourage really awesome designs! If you’d like a few ideas to get started, try using books, shoes, water bottles….get creative! Once you’ve experimented on your own, adding ramps to your track designs will simply expand the possibilities!
  • How wide are the lanes on Blu Track?
    See below for lane wide by Series:
  • Why is 15 feet the shortest length of standard Blu Track I can buy?
    Unlike most systems with a fixed design, Blu Track was designed to maximize space in any room - both horizontal AND vertical - for maximum FUN! Your child can create track designs that turn left and right, go up and down, and follow loops and twists! We’ve used 24 feet of track in a space as small as 4 feet x 4 feet!
  • Why do cars go faster on Blu Track (vs. other track systems)?
    There are 3 main reasons cars go faster on Blu Track: Our track is continuous - so there are no joints to create interference that can slow cars down. Blu Track has wider lanes. Wider lanes mean less chance of friction against the side rails. Objects fall faster in a nonlinear plane. What does that mean? Watch the videos below!
  • Do I need to use “performance inserts” in my Performance Series Blu Track designs?
    No. Blu Track Performance Series is designed for bigger loops (up to 17” high) and more creative designs. You have serious design flexibility - out of the box! But if you’d like to take your track design to new heights, performance inserts will support loops up to 22” tall! (see photo below).
  • Why does my design work well in one lane, but not so well in the other?"
    That’s physics for you! Here are some possible causes to investigate: One lane may be too tight or too high. One car may be going either too fast or too slow to successfully follow your turns. Blu Track is ALL about trial and error! Make a change, test, and repeat!
  • Can you help me troubleshoot my stunt design?
    Most designs can be improved by following one simple rule: If you see the track move, your design is losing energy at that point. Adding support there will improve results! Watch our stunt guide video for help with your designs: And for more ideas on cool track designs, check out our Inspiration Gallery!
  • How do I get started using Blu Track in the classroom?
    The short answer… Keep it simple! Start by allowing open play for the first 10 to 15 minutes. Then, to encourage engagement in the experimentation phase, let your students pick a car to try. Taking some “ownership” in the process will lead to increased class participation. For more information and additional ideas for your classroom, visit our Teacher Resources page.
  • Is there a recommended age for using Blu Track in the classroom?
    Blu Track is generally recommended for ages 3 and up. When it comes to teaching physics concepts... those don’t change regardless of who is dropping the object down the track! The depth of understanding of concepts being demonstrated, however, will change with age. Check out our BLU for Teachers page for more detail.
  • What kind of cars should I use on Blu Track?
    Any 1/64th scale car will work, but we’ve found that BluTrack Racers, BluTrack physics cars and Hot Wheels® cars work the best.
  • Why do you recommend NOT using the Blu Track Ramps in Engineering Structures class?
    Basically, STRUCTURE is everywhere, and we'd like students to explore what is possible first. By giving students the ramps too early, we are handing them OUR solution to the problem - which restricts their thinking. There is nothing magical about our 12.5% slope... their specific design may need an 8% slope or perhaps 23% to work, so we'd prefer that students figure that out for themselves!
  • The Blu Track I have is too long for my experiment… Can I cut it down?
    Sure! You can cut your Blu Track down to any length you need. When teaching some force and motion concepts, a shorter length of track may actually be preferred. Just mark your track to the length you want, and cut with sharp scissors or a utility knife.
  • How do I change the coefficient of friction (COF) of the track surface?
    See our Teacher Resources page.
  • Do I need the EDU Series product to teach STEM concepts, or can I use Classic Series or Performance Series products for teaching as well?"
    While our EDU Series product will yield the most repeatable data, you can absolutely substitute either Classic Series or Performance Series for EDU Series in your experiments! Keep in mind that EDU Series track has higher rails, which works best when using marbles (in place of cars). Also note that the Classic Series track will have limited design capabilities.
  • Can I get a sample of your Blu Track Classroom Guide?
    Blu Track classroom guides are not sold separately. They are available only with purchase of our EDU Kit and certain other Speciality Kits. However, be sure to check out our Teacher Resources page for more helpful information.

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