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Edu Engineering Coaster & Motion Kit (Grade 5+)

Edu Engineering Coaster & Motion Kit (Grade 5+)


The Blu Track® Engineering Coasters & Motion Kit is designed for 5th grade and older. This kit contains everything a teacher needs to adequately teach the idea of force and motion to their students. This kit allows students to engage, explore, and expand their learning through hands on activities. Additional BluTrack® accessories sold separately.   


We do accept Purchase orders from schools:  Contact us

**Please allow an extra 2 days of processing for Edu Series orders

  • Includes:

    • 4 - 18 ft coil of 2 lane wide Blu Track® Edu Series racetrack (Age: 3+)
    • 16 Blu Track® Ramps (Age: 5+)
    • 4 Blu Track® Edu Series Inserts Kit (Age: 6+ or adult supervision)
    • 12 Blu Track® Anchor Bars
    • 8 Blu Track® Anchor Straps
    • 4 Blu Track® Adaptable Hanger System 
    • 4 Suction Cup   
    • 1 Advanced Engineering and Coaster teacher guide
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