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Blu Track® - Limited Edition 20 FT Classic Set

Blu Track® - Limited Edition 20 FT Classic Set

$67.00 Regular Price
$53.60Sale Price

Blu Track Exclusive Special: 20' Blu Track Classic with 2 Cars

Unwrap the Magic of Racing.


Our longest Blu Track Classic profile, an 20-foot journey into high-speed excitement and family fun. Perfectly packaged for the festive spirit, this set promises to light up the faces of young racers and families alike.


What’s Inside:


20' Blu Track Classic: Discover 20 feet of premium, durable, two laned track designed for the ultimate racing experience. The flexible design allows endless configurations, from daring loops to high-octane straightaways.


2 Blu Track racers: Start racing right out of the box! Experience the rush of head-to-head racing with 2 Blu Track Racers, engineered for speed and agility to dominate any track layout. Perfect companions for your Blu Track system, these racers promise exhilarating duels and endless fun.




Easy Assembly: Choose your starting point, unroll and race away. The Blu Track Classic is designed for easy setup and storage, ensuring more time for racing and less for prep.


Endless Configurations: Let gravity and your imagination take the lead! With 20 feet of track, you can create a new raceway for each day of the holiday season. Test other 1/64th scale cars and different items and see what they do! Add a pillow or box to your track design for stability and ramp options. You choose with Blu.


Durable and Safe: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Blu Track Classic is built to last, ensuring that the racing fun continues well beyond the holidays.


Gift the thrill of racing!


The 18' Blu Track Classic with 2 Racers is more than just a toy; it's an invitation to create memories and enjoy the spirit of the holidays through the thrill of changing the track design just a little to change the racing. It's the perfect gift for children and families, bringing joy and excitement to every playtime.


Don't miss out on this limited edition holiday special from Blu Track —  where we make the track and you make the fun!



  • What's In the Box

    1 - 20 ft Blu Track Classic Series Racetrack

    2 - Blu Track Racers

    1 - Blu Track Anchor to stabilize your designs

    1 - Suction Cup for easy setup

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