Blu Track® 2.0 PS 18 ft

Blu Track® 2.0 PS 18 ft


18 feet of highly flexible two-laned racetrack featuring Performance Channel. Blu Track® P.S. has the same benefits as Blu Track® Classic with the addition of the Performance Channel and Optional Performance Inserts. This special feature allows for the user to strengthen track sections. Create more complex designs with this Blu Track® P.S. Easy to move and store. Additional Blu Track® accessories are sold separately.    


  • 1 - 18 ft coil of 2 lanes wide Blu Track® Performance Series racetrack (Age: 3+)
  • 1 Blu Track Track Anchor (New September 2021)
  • 1 Blu Track® Adaptable Hanger System (New September 2021)
  • 1 Suction Cup 

Compatible with BluTrack® Racer vehicles, Hot Wheels®, Matchbox® brands, or any other 1/64th scale die-cast vehicle.  

  • Features

    • New Hanger and Track Anchor Systems
    • Sturdy Travel Case
    • Award Winning Design
    • Use indoor or outdoors
    • Inserts, cars and ramps solid seperately
    • 18 ft of upgraded PS Blu Track