Blu Track® 2.0 PS 18 ft

Blu Track® 2.0 PS 18 ft


18 feet of highly flexible two-laned racetrack featuring Performance Channel. Blu Track® P.S. has the same benefits as Blu Track® Classic with the addition of the Performance Channel and Inserts. This special feature allows for the user to strengthen track sections. Create more complex designs with this Blu Track® P.S. Easy to move and store. Additional Blu Track® accessories sold separately.    


  • 1 - 18 ft coil of 2 lane wide Blu Track® Performance Series racetrack (Age: 3+)
  • 1 Blu Track® Performance Series Insert kit (Age: 6+ or adult supervision)
  • 2 Blu Track® Anchor Straps 
  • 1 Blu Track® Adaptable Hanger System
  • 1 Suction Cup 

Compatible with BluTrack® Racer vehicles, Hot Wheels®, Matchbox® brands, or any other 1/64th scale die-cast vehicle.  

  • Features

    • Sturdy Travel Case
    • Award Winning Design
    • Use indoor or outdoors
    • Inserts, cars and ramps solid seperately
    • 18 ft of upgraded PS Blu Track

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