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❤️ Racin’ 🙂 Makin’ Plank Relay Challenge: 

“Blu Track: This is ONE Way We Play!”

Get those heart and smile muscles racing with our Plank Relay Challenge.


Capture a video of real kids and families completing the plank relay challenge and you could be in on a chance to receive a 5 Pack of Blu Track Racers or the Grand Prize of up to 4 Blu Track Engineer t-shirts!


What is the Blu Track Plank Relay Challenge?

  • One person is the designated runner on a simple race

  • One person is designated to hold the plank position over the Blu Track until the runner is finished (goal is to be FAST!)

  • Runner starts two cars and races them to the finish line (approximately 15 feet), picks up the cars and starts them again. Runner does this 4 more times, making 5 times total.



  • 5 Pack of Blu Track Racers

    • Random selection of winners

    • Total of 5 Sets of Racers awarded

  • Blu Track Engineer T-shirts

    • Up to 4 maximum t-shirts per family/group

    • Random selection of 1 winning video


Rules and Regulations: This contest is open to residents of the continental/lower 48 states, 18 years of age and older. Children’s faces do NOT have to be shown. Enter video using Instagram with tag #myblutrackdesign by Friday, Feb. 16, 2024 at 11:59 CST.


  • One authentic video submission per family/group

  • Shows safe play space and race route

  • Clearly shows child(ren) actively engaged in play-faces do not have to be shown

  • With or without audio- if audio it is family friendly and appropriate

  • Share, tag and DM @blutrackofficial, hashtag #myblutrackdesign 

  • Consent to share: by submitting your video you are agreeing to letting Blu Track use your images of the video on and social media platforms; this includes proper consent and talent release for all individuals pictured

  • Void where prohibited


Winners will be notified by end of day February 23, 2024.  Prizes will be shipped to winners at Blu Track’s expense.

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