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2021 Hanger Pad Systems

REIMAGINED: Blu Track Hanger Systems


Once again, inspiration struck, and we seized the opportunity to create a series of more durable, longer-lasting hanger systems for all of our tracks! 


The Blu Track brand was built on the flexibility and durability of our tracks, these new hanger systems are engineered to measure up to those lofty standards while also providing more setup opportunities for our customers.  


Classic with new hanger.jpg

Blu Track Hanger System: (Good)

Customers can easily upgrade their existing Blu Track with our new Blu Track Hanger System Replacement Kit. Simply peel off the old hanger pad (this may require some effort), apply new adhesive strip, attach the new Blu Track Hanger system, and start racing!  


This hanger system will become the standard on all toy offerings

Outdoor door.png
Outdoor door 2.png

Blu Track Premium Hanger System:  (Better)

AND for customers looking for even more options for setting up their Blu Track, we also offer our Blu Track Premium Hanger System & Conversion Kit. With the addition of an adjustable paracord loop, customers will have nearly endless possibilities for hanging their track in a variety of environments - both indoors and out!

The Premium Hanger System will be the standard offering on our Blu Track All Terrain Tracks.

Premium Hanger.jpg

Blu Track Premium Plus Hanger System: (Best)

Coming soon to schools near you is our best hanger system yet.  Blu Track Premium Plus Hanger System will be used for our toughest environments, like classrooms, museums, church groups, charity events, special orders…..  


Attached with both adhesive and mechanically for great holding power, plus the mechanically set screws will be used for attaching future accessories like starters and classroom measuring devices.

Car hanger.png
Blu Track on a screw
Picture hanged.png

New Hanger = More Play Opportunities!

Use your hanger .jpg
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