50 Ft BluTrack EduSeries (15.25 meters)

$ 165




Our newest track system is a great platform for quick racing or advanced stunt designs.

 Please note: orders fulfilled between now and June 30th will be either gray or a light blue in color.   After July 1st all items will be light blue.

Kit includes: 50 Ft of BluTrack EduSeries; 1 Anchor Strap; 1 hanger/connector pad with suction cup.

This length of BluTrack is for those who want to race down hills or down stairs or to have the length desired for multiple loops, curves, hills and ramps. 

This kit is ideal for those that have a large amount of space to work with or who love to try intricate designs.  Use all 50 feet, or cut it to any desired length. 


You can use the BluTrack Conversion Kit (sold separately) to make multiple tracks, or to re-join your sections back into the awesome 50 Foot track you started out with.

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