18 ft BluTrack Classic

$ 20 $ 40



Countless configurations with the 18 ft. continuous coil of flexible 2 lane race track.

  • - Includes an adaptable hanger, and anchor system
  • - Designed for durability
  • - Great play value and provides fun for one child, or the entire neighborhood, indoors, or outdoors
  • - Vehicles not included in this set
  • - Convenient, re-usable storage and transport box
  • - No small parts to lose (if you do lose the suction cup, the hanger system is so versatile that you can still hang it on other objects, or simply lay it on the table, and put a weight on it!

    This set includes 18 ft. continuous coil of flexible 2 lane race track. Includes adaptable hanger system allowing quick easy setup almost anywhere indoors or outdoors.  Set does NOT include vehicles.  Plenty of track to set up as many configurations as you can dream up.  Simply hang up the BluTrack, roll it out for a simple head to head straight race, or add household items to build jumps, loops, and changes in direction.  You can do more with one 15' length of BluTrack than you can with several sets of other traditional systems.  This is a great STEM toy.  BluTrack is used in schools from Kindergarten through graduate school to teach Force & Motion / physics, and Engineering Concepts.  Compatible with BluTrack Racer Brand vehicles, or any other 1/64th scale die-cast vehicles such as Hot Wheels and other brands.  When you're done having fun, cleanup is quick and easy.  Just coil up the track, and pack it back into the re-usable storage box. It doesn't get much more convenient than that.

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