100 Feet BluTrack Outdoor (30.5 meters)

$ 150 $ 300



Will ship within 3 - 5 business days.

- Use as the longest continuous track around, or cut into multiple shorter lengths

- Use the BluTrack Conversion Kit (sold separately) to place hanger pads on your shorter sections, or to re-join them into the 100 foot length with which you started.

Sometimes you just need more track.  100 feet of continous BluTrack Outdoor with one hanger pad in box.  This is a whole lot of BluTrack Outdoor!  This length of BluTrack Outdoor is for those who want to race down hills or down stairs or to have the length desired for multiple loops, curves, hills and ramps.  BluTrack Outdoor can be cut to any desired length you want, and can be re-connected with the BluTrack Conversion Kits (sold separately).  This kit is recommended for those who want to entertain outside, or conduct a racing club events.


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