Edu Advanced Force & Motion Kit (Grade 3-6)

Edu Advanced Force & Motion Kit (Grade 3-6)


The BluTrack® Advanced Force and Motion Kit is designed for students ages 4th grade & up.  This kit contains everything a teacher needs to adequately teach the idea of force and motion to their students. This kit allows students to engage, explore, and expand their learning through hands on activities. Class size per kit 12 - 16. 

Additionally, BluTrack® provides a variety of teacher and student resources for free HERE 


*BluTrack® Racers and BluTrack® Physics Cars colors may vary  

The illustrated teacher’s guide gives step-by-step instruction in lesson/lab setup and is aligned to the Next Generation State Standards for K-2, 3-5, and MS. The kit’s versatility enables more advanced experiments than those provided. Student assessment sheets (K-2, 3-5, MS) and student journal/data collection sheets (K-2, 3-6) are available as shared Google Drive Document HERE


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  • Includes:

    • 4 - 6 ft coil of 2 lane wide BluTrack® Edu Series racetrack (Age: 3+)
    • 2 - 18 ft coil of 2 lane wide BluTrack® Edu Series racetrack (Age: 3+)
    • 16 BluTrack® Ramps (Age: 5+)
    • 4 BluTrack® Edu Series Inserts Kit (Age: 6+ or adult supervision)
    • 4 BluTrack® Racers* (Age: 3+)
    • 4 BluTrack® Physics Cars* (Age: 3+)
    • 4 BluTrack® Graduated Bottles 
    • 2 Measuring Spoon 
    • 2 BluTrack® Adaptable Hanger System
    • 4 Suction Cup
    • 1 Intro to Coaster Design Guide

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