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Blu Track® All Terrain - 50 Ft

Blu Track® All Terrain - 50 Ft

SKU: 50od
$150.00 Regular Price
$105.00Sale Price

Sometimes you need even MORE TRACK to play outside (or inside)!

*cars sold separately


PLEASE NOTE: This product is 12 pounds and may not be suitable for all ages of children to play without an adult setting up


BluTrack® All Terrain Track, a sturdy object for hanging, a hill, and some cars…. That's all you need to get started!


Features our Blu Track Premium Hanger System.  Discover the possibilities of racing outside!



  • Specifically designed to withstand extended outdoor play

  • Enjoy longer, more exciting races! 

    • 50 feet of track will accommodate large group activities!

  • Premium Hanger System allows for more setup opportunities

  • Easy clean-up

  • Wider lanes for larger cars

  • Great shared resource

  • Compatible with Blu Track® Racer vehicles, Hot Wheels®, Matchbox® brands, or any other 1/64th scale die-cast vehicle

  • Includes:

    • 1 -  50 ft coil of 2-lane Blu Track® All Terrain racetrack (Age: 3+)
    • 2 - Blu Track® Anchor Bars
    • 1 - Blu Track® Premium Hanger System  
    • 1 - Suction Cup 
  • Premium Hanger System on All Terrain Track

    Quick to set up in many different areas and ways! Learn more about the All Terrain Track with the Blu Track Premium Hanger System here: All Terrain

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