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Blu Track® All Terrain - 100 Ft

Blu Track® All Terrain - 100 Ft

SKU: 100od

Sometimes you just need to play outside! And with a full 100 feet of our All Terrain track, your fun is nearly endless!

*cars sold separately


PLEASE NOTE: This product is 26 pounds and may not be suitable for all ages of children to play without an adult setting up


BluTrack® All Terrain track, a sturdy object for hanging, a hill, and some cars…. That's all you need to get started!



  • Specifically designed to withstand extended outdoor play

  • Enjoy longer, more exciting races!

    • 100 feet of track will accommodate even the largest group activities!

  • Premium Hanger System for more setup opportunities

  • Easy clean-up!

  • Wider lanes for larger cars

  • Great shared resource

  • Compatible with Blu Track® Racer vehicles, Hot Wheels®, Matchbox® brands, or any other 1/64th scale die-cast vehicle

  • Includes:

    • 1 - 100 ft coil of two-lane Blu Track® All Terrain racetrack (Ages: 3+)
    • 2 - Blu Track® Anchor Bars
    • 1 - Blu Track® Premium Hanger System 
    • 1 - Suction Cup 
  • New Premium Hanger System on Outdoor Series!

    NEW and IMPROVED... Learn more about Why All Terrain, as well as our ALL NEW Blu Track Premium Hanger Systems here: All Terrain

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