If your event is outdoors, we recommend using our Pro products.  If indoors, either product will work well.


Keep your setup simple. Over engineering your setup may take some of the fun out of it (for you and your guests).  In most cases, you want to keep the setup very simple and flexible which places the design work (and thus much of the fun) with your guests.  See YouTube video for examples.


Provide cars, or encourage your guests to bring their own car to participate.  An important tip, you should have a way to ID the cars so that kids know which car is theirs.  We often use a permanent marker.


Home school teachers, we would recommend that you use the BluTrack Starter Set (blue toy) or one of our BluTrack Pro STEM Force and Motion kits.  

Some considerations:

  • Start out your class by allowing several minutes of free play.  Instructions too early on in the lessons tends to limit the students creative thinking.
  • Structure is everywhere...encourage your students to use "Household items" to support their designs.
  • Try some "Open ended Challenges".  For example, " Can you create a two loop design using these water bottles and a chair?"
  • If available, use a wide variety of cars (BluTrack Physics Cars, BluTrack Racers,Hot Wheels).  Have your student understand the differences.
  • Visit our "BluTrack in the Classroom" Page to see some ideas on other ways to teach using BluTrack.
  • Here is a list of relevant websites on "Force and Motion":  


After School Programs that use BluTrack are quite varied.  If you are currently using BluTrack in your programs, we would be very interested to see how you are using it (for example, free play, structured learning fun, or whatever)  Send us some pictures and we may send you some BluTrack supplies for your group.



  • Mark your cars!  If you are providing cars it is best to mark them.  As your group grows, it is common for children to bring in their own cars.  
  • We often suggest that larger groups purchase 50 ft units and cut them to the desired length.  In most cases, this will be less expensive while allowing for an upgrade to Pro product.
  • Consider household items, or any available objects to provide structural support in their designs.
  • Excellent group challenge!
  • ​Give each group the identical set of supplies.
  • ​For example, Same BluTrack supplies, a roll of tape, two water bottles, a chair, a ruler.
  • ​Give a set amount of time to design the best track design using ONLY the supplies provided.  You  may be amazed how quiet the room becomes while they think.


​We definitely recommend BluTrack Pro for serious racing.


Keep your course simple. Complicated set ups will lead to complicated results.  

  • Ensure that your design has a very smooth transition from vertical to horizontal.
  • Cars go faster on BluTrack so make sure that your course is very smooth (Even a small bump will send the cars flying).
  • Looking for a timer system? Visit New Directions at:
  • BluTrack Pro is available in lengths up to 50 and 100 Feet.
  • Easy setup and takedown make BluTrack Pro an ideal choice for traveling venues.


​Planning a birthday party?


Some considerations and suggestions.  

  • See Home School section on how best to use BluTrack.
  • ​Indoor, we would recommend using BluTrack Toy.
  • Outdoor, we would recommend using BluTrack Pro.
  • With small groups like Birthday Parties, don't spend much time or $ providing them a BluTrack set-up: Provide several durable household items for the kids to design with.  
  • Water bottles
  • Shoes
  • Old chairs
  • boxes
  • other toys
  • Consider other games
  • ​Jump cars into the bucket.
  • Racing
  • ​Consider placing a box at the end of the race, then the cars hit and bounce back it is easier to tell what car won.
  • Crash game (see STEM page Work)
  • Looping Challenge


​How do other companies use BluTrack?



  • BluTrack in manufacturing training:
  • Machine setup (engineering)
  • Process Repeatability (Quality Control training)
  • Team Building: ​
  • ​​Excellent Team Building Challenge!
  • Define the Challenge.
  • Get a car from one side of the creek to the other
  • Best design
  • Biggest loop
  • Most loops
  • Rube Goldberg Event
  • ​Give each group the same exact set of supplies.
  • ​Give a set amount of time to design the best Solution using ONLY the supplies provided.  
  • ​For example, 50 ft BluTrack Pro, a roll of tape, two water bottles, a chair, 5 rulers, 12 ft fishing line.
  • Promotional kits
  • ​Custom BluTrack to celebrate your company's anniversary
  • Corporate BluTrack kits for Christmas​​