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Teaching STEM

As teachers continue to engage and challenge students with STEM concepts, a new line of BluTrack products has been defined, designed and produced to assist them.

While EP (Engineering/Physics) track passes all the same testing standards as our toys (ASTM 963), it is not a toy but rather an educational tool.

EP is designed for high performance, repeatability and to challenge those students/teachers who want to do more.  EP uses 45% more material than our classic product, has very tight tolerances and features the new “Structure Channel”.  The Structure Channel coupled with the insert system gives EP a much larger design envelope.


Featuring Physics Cars

K-3+ Intro to Force & Motion

  • Great classroom participation tool
  • Illustrated teacher’s guide
  • Google Share documents
  • Most complete kit that we make.
  • Designed for those who are new to teaching force and motion

Grade 7 - 12: Engineering & Coasters


  • Teach both Force & Motion and basic engineering design.
  • BluTrack EP series allows for more variable and more control over the student designs.
  • Teacher’s guide provides
    • Stunt suggestions
    • Open ended questions
    • Classroom challenges

 Grades 7+ “Junkyard” Challenge  (more details click here)

  • Designed for engineering/physic clubs/classrooms that are ready for design challenge.
  • BluTrack EP wire inserts allow for much larger designs.
  • Changing the challenge is a easy as changing the “support supplies”.
    • Using chairs, table, books, tape…. As “support supplies” will keep the challenges fresh

"Junkyard" Engineering Challenge Kit

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Gopher STEM

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