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       BluTrack Quick Start Guide


      Thank you for purchasing BluTrack! We highly recommend using the instructions below to get the most out of your purchase. These steps are recommended for all BluTrack models. 


      Step 1: Take your BluTrack out of the box and unroll it flat on the ground.

      Step 2: Hang up your track on something stable like a window or a heavy hook. (IMPORTANT: BluTrack Hanger Pads are NOT meant to be used on screws)

      Do Not Use Screws

      Step 3: Attach an anchor strap or an anchor bar to your track and add weight to the tabs to keep your track stable.

      Step 4: Move your track and weights to adjust your slope. 

      Adjust Your Slope

      Step 5: Test your track and make adjustments as you see fit.

      NOTE: Shipping may make your track slightly stiff. We recommend you lay the track out for 10-20 minutes before trying to make advanced stunts. This will allow the track to soften and be easier to manipulate.  



      Advanced Stunt Design: