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      BluTrack Expansion Helps Bring Manufacturing Back to the Heartland!

      We’re expanding - and not just anywhere, but somewhere very near and dear to our hearts - right here in the Heartland of America! BluTrack is proud to announce plans to build a manufacturing facility in Jones County, Iowa. 

      Our Timeline

      Why is BluTrack expanding?

      It’s time. Time for BluTrack to take the next step toward our company vision - to become a mass-market toy manufacturer

      That vision is easy to say, but far more challenging to achieve. It means investing significant time and resources to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and significantly increase capacity. It’s a tall order for any company, but especially given our commitment to develop products that are engineered to outlast even the most creative imagination! 

      Why is Made in the USA so important to BluTrack?

      Our company leaders have a core belief: We believe that “Made in the USA” matters.

      Manufacturing is the backbone of any economy, and the best way to keep manufacturing alive in our country is to support local companies - especially companies whose products are made with American materials and American labor. 

      That’s why we committed to ensuring BluTrack is both - 100% US materials and 100% US labor. 

      We also believe that our country needs more products that are made in America.

      That’s why we made the decision to build our new plant “in our own backyard” - to help bring world-class manufacturing back to the Heartland.

      Why Jones County, Iowa?

      We could have picked anywhere to build our new plant (and we considered all options), but  something kept pulling us back home - back to Iowa... the Midwest work ethic our company leaders know and have admired for decades. 

      To help achieve our company vision, we need hard work mixed with good old-fashioned ingenuity. We need people who excel not only at building things with their hands, but also at using their minds and creativity to make whatever they are building better. And we found just what we were looking for in Jones County.

      Follow our Progress Here