We are so excited that Blutrack been invited to the demo in the Meditrranean district this summer.  Especially since our personal family heritage comes from southern Italy!

Some FAQ details:

When will BluTrack be in the EU area?

     Open Dates: Aug 8th, 9th,  Aug 12th- Aug 15th

What is the cost of requesting/attending a classroom demo?

     No charge. We are hoping to learn more about teaching physics in the EU to improve our offering.

How long are the classes?

     As short as 30 minutes and as long as 120 minutes. The length will be determined by the individual schools needs. Please note that the longer we know these needs more efficient our presentation can be.

What ages?  

     BluTrack is used worldwide in ages 3+ including many US colleges.

What languages are lessons taught in?

     English Only

How do I request more information?

     Email us at sales@blutrack.com

To learn more about BluTrack in the classroom visit:  STEM PAGE