BluTrack Today:

BluTrack is an innovative toy racetrack, and is the main brand of MJ Sports, Inc.  BluTrack became such a large part of our business that we incorporated as MJ Sports DBA BluTrack.  Everybody knows us by BluTrack.  BluTrack is a privately held small business based out of Pella, Iowa.

BluTrack racetracks are proudly manufactured in the United States, and we are committed to manufacturing our products here for as long as it remains economically feasible.  We think American manufacturing is among the best in the world, and our manufacturers are absolutely outstanding when given a level playing field.


Story of BluTrack: 

Randy Belding, our company president, and BluTrack’s inventor developed BluTrack for his son Jay.  When Jay was 5 years old, he bought a racetrack system with his own money.  THe track was supposed to do 2 loops.  He was disappointed when it didn’t perform as it was supposed to.  Randy and Jay took the track to their shop and worked on some modifications for about 90 minutes.  They had a lot of fun doing it.  When the modifications were complete, Jay dropped a car down the track a couple of times and moved on to something else.
Randy thought about how little Jay played with the track, and realized that the real fun was in tweaking the track to make it work.  Randy tried several different options from buying plastic window seal to many single, and double lane designs.  It took 7 different tool dies to get the present profile of BluTrack Classic.  It took 8 dies if you count the current one for our new BluTrack Designer Series tracks with Performance Channel, and an additional 2 dies to develop the new Performance Inserts for Performance Series.
We have learned through observation, and customer feedback that playtime with BluTrack is often measured in hours rather than minutes, and kids seem to have more fun with BluTrack.  It is truly amazing to watch them start out with a simple race, then start to experiment with different track designs for jumps and stunts.  When left to their own devices, children will amaze you with stunts you as an adult might think to be impossible.  That is why our tagline is “We Make The Track...YOU Make the Fun.  Get a BluTrack and watch your children thrive!

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How BluTrack was invented?  Lots of trial and error mixed with some awesome father/son moments.  From failed Hot Wheels experience to a growing family business.