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Get outside and race!

Why Outdoor Series?

Blu Track Outdoor Series is the perfect solution for active kids and families who prefer to take their racing fun OUTSIDE!

With Blu Track Outdoor Series, you get all the racing fun of our Classic Series, with more track, more setup options, and a tougher, more consistent outdoor racing experience!

Benefits of Outdoor Series

Can't I take my Blu Track Classic Series outside to race?

Sure you can! However unlike our Classic Series, Blu Track Outdoor Series was specifically designed for extended outdoor play and for racing over uneven surfaces.


Tough enough for extended outdoor play!

Our Outdoor Series track not only stands up to the elements better than our Classic Series, it also resists a variety of rough terrain that is often found outside.


Rough/bumpy lawns, uneven sidewalks, and gravel paths or driveways can slow cars down, but they are NO PROBLEM for Blu Track Outdoor Series! 

Blu Track Outdoor Series on Rough Terrai

The thicker track floor on Outdoor Series resists forming to rough and uneven surfaces - giving your kids a faster and more consistent outdoor  racing experience! 

Note: For best performance, use within an outside temperature range of 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


Longer, more exciting races!

With options of 25 ft., 50 ft. or even 100 ft. of track, both kids and adults can take their racing fun to all new heights (and lengths)!

Race side-by-side or run alongside your car in a solo race - the choice is yours!


Either way, your kids will enjoy hours of outdoor activity, testing which of their cars is the fastest, and which ones they can outrun!


More setup opportunities!

An ALL NEW Blu Track Premium Hanger System makes setup a BREEZE!

Our fast-attach system was developed with speed in mind... to quickly get your Outdoor Series track ready to race!


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Your racing FUN awaits...

grab your Outdoor Series track and head outside!

Don't have an object to loop over?

No Worries! There are SO MANY other ways to set up your Blu Track Outdoor Series track... Try any of the other great ideas below!

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Drape over a shrub, fence, or deck rail.

Shut the hanger cord over a closed door.

Attach to an outside window using the  suction cup (included).

Use a common item from around the house or garage to secure your track (a carabiner or a bungee cord both word great!).

You can even secure your track using a stick! (Huh? Just look and see for yourself!)

Click on our photo gallery to see a sample of fun and creative ideas to set up YOUR Outdoor Series track!


Easy clean up!

Oh, yes - your Outdoor Series track will get dirty... playing outside, how could it not?

But don't worry - clean up is simple and easy!


Just rinse with a garden hose to clear off dirt and debris.

And if your track gets really grimy, simply soak in a sink or tub full of water with a little added household detergent.

Watch our quick video to see how easy it is!


ALL NEW 25' Length Available!

Our Outdoor Series track is not new... it's been hugely popular as a great activity for Community Events and other outdoor gatherings... but what's NEW is Outdoor Series track available in a 25-foot length!

The shorter track length makes it a lighter and more portable option for families to use at home or take with them on the go. And our convenient travel case makes it ideal for families to race both around the house and around the town....

Take your Outdoor Series track with you to the playground, on a picnic to the park, or even on a family camping trip, for hours of racing fun while enjoying the great outdoors!

Outdoor Series is not only tough enough for extended outdoor play, it's also versatile enough for active families on the go!


Versatility to the Max!

  • Outdoor AND indoor use.

  • Countless setup options.

  • Wider lane for larger cars.

  • No small parts.

  • Suitable for Ages 3 and up.

  • 25-ft length is fully portable for racing fun on the go!

What are you waiting for? Get your Blu Track Outdoor Series track today!

Isn't it time for your kids to



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