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Why Classic Series?

Blu Track Classic Series is our entry-level track. Designed for beginner racers, Classic Series is our shortest, lightest track available. It’s perfect for younger kids who love to play with cars!

Kids love racing cars side-by-side on our Classic Series track! And if they want even more fun while racing, they can add exciting jumps and loops and watch their cars fly!

Benefits of Classic Series
Classic Series - indoor play - dining ro

Our most economical track - get started racing for less!

If you're new to Blu Track, our Classic Series track is a great way to experience the amazing benefits of BLU over common rigid, fixed-design tracks - without breaking the bank!

Ready to get started?

Check out our 15-foot Classic Series Starter Set. It's the perfect solution for young racers who just wanna race (and jump)!


Sets up in seconds!

Setting up your Blu Track Classic Series track couldn’t be easier… Hang from a hook you already have around the house. Or find a window or other smooth surface, attach the suction cup, hang your track, and start racing!

[3 images of Classic track - using Hook, Suction Cup, and Hanging over a Chair.]


*** Will need new images with new hanger pad In August.


Easy to carry - great for young racers!

Available in shorter lengths, Classic Series is also our lightest track - another reason it’s ideal for young racers!

At only 3 pounds, our 15 ft. Classic Starter Set track is light enough for kids to pick up and move around the house for hours of creative fun!

[Picture of small child carrying the track OR of a coiled track - next to something for size reference.]

Classic Series track coil.jpg

Use household items to add jumps and simple loops!

Looking to add some excitement to your races? Create awesome jumps and loops by finding household items to use with your Classic Series track.


Drape the track over an object to create a jump and watch your cars fly! Or use a heavier object to support a loop and see how big (or small) a loop you can make! 

That’s the beauty of Blu Track… you don’t need to buy a bunch of additional parts or accessories to make racing tons of FUN - your imagination and a little creativity are all you need!

Classic Cars Jumping.jpg

Add some excitement to your race!

Find objects to create amazing jumps.. all it takes is a little imagination!

Need a little help setting up your jumps and loops?

Create simple loops in your Classic Series track by supporting them with items found around your house! Below are a few ideas - try ours or get creative with ideas of your own... Experimentation is half the fun!


Check out the pics and video below for some great ideas. You can also visit our Inspiration Gallery page for even more ways to have fun with BLU!

Of course, if you’re interested in our exclusive Blu Track Ramps, we’ve got those, too! Check them out here!

Try supporting your loop with...

Blue Lightbulb.png
Blue Lightbulb.png
Blue Lightbulb.png

Gallon water jug

Stack of books

Legs of a chair


Other toys!

Watch our video and discover a few ways you can use typical household items to create your own jumps and loops!

[Pictures of household items creating jumps and loops.]

Use stop action video and stills

[Video: how to create a loop using the new starter box (maybe a simple household item as well).]

Blue Lightbulb.png
Blue Lightbulb.png

Durable design - suitable for both indoor and outdoor use!

Blu Track Classic is perfect for indoor play, but also tough enough to take outside!

Classic Series Play Outside.jpg

All of our Blu Track Series are built to last!

BLU is specifically designed for years of creative play... No planned obsolescence here!


Our tracks are durable enough for active kids to play with - inside or out!

Planning to play outside for long periods of time…? If so, consider our Blu Track Outdoor Series track - it features a thicker track design and is available in longer lengths to make it even better suited for extended outdoor play!


Easy clean-up!

Little hands get dirty often… it’s just a fact of life with kids! But no worries - if that dirt gets onto your Classic Series track, cleaning is quick and easy!


Simply wipe the track down with a damp cloth or sponge. You can also rinse the track in your kitchen sink or in your bathtub. 

What if your track ends up with spills or sticky messes?

No problem! At Blu Track, we understand that active kids get dirty - so we made cleaning your track as simple as possible.

Just soak in the sink or tub with a little added household detergent.


Then rinse, dry and get back to racing!


Easy to store!

Our Classic Series track is as compact as it gets at Blu Track. Our Classic Starter Set track is only 15 ft. long, so it’s quick and easy to roll up and store away for another day of active play.

Just roll up the track and store in the original box - it fits perfectly!

And there are no small parts to hunt around for... with Classic Series, it's just our amazing track!

What could be simpler?


So many reasons to get started with Blu Track Classic Series!

  • Wider lanes for larger cars

Because our Classic Series track is wider than our other Series, it will not only accommodate any 1/64th scale car (typical size for Hot Wheels® cars), but will also work with the popular wider Disney/Pixar Cars® cars! 

We’ve tried them all…. And have found that our Blu Track Racers (link to racers) and Hot Wheels® cars perform the best!

  • No small parts to worry about or lose!

Tired of kids' toys with excessive amounts of small parts? They can make it difficult to assemble,. and those small parts are just SO EASY TO LOSE! 

You can relax with Blu Track... No small parts here - just our premium race track and your child’s imagination!

  • Great fun for even the youngest racers!

Blu Track Classic Series is suitable for kids as young as 3 years old, making it perfect for beginning racers!

What are you waiting for? Get your Blu Track Classic Series track today!


Only seconds away from racing fun...

C'mon, let's race!


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