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Give your kids a reason to go outside and play!

Blu Track Outdoor Series is the perfect solution for kids who want to have FUN,

and parents who want their kids to be ACTIVE and play outside.

Get outside and race!

Features & Benefits Here

Kids need to play... outside!

Being active and getting fresh air are both so GOOD for kids.

Your child will have a BLAST racing outdoors -

using their imagination to find new and creative ways to race

with their Blu Track Outdoor Series track.

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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Your racing FUN awaits...

grab your Outdoor Series track and head outside!

  • Why Outdoor Series?

    Kids love to play. Parents love to see their kids being active, using their imagination AND getting fresh air...


    Blu Track Outdoor Series let you have it all - at the same time!

  • Explore options

    Look around you - there are SO MANY objects outside you can use to start your race.

    Need ideas? Check out our Inspiration Gallery for even more options to consider!

  • Easy hanger system

    Simply loop the hanger cord over the object and tighten the ____. 

    Tighten both sides for an even sturdier start to your race!

  • Start racing!

    Race side-by-side OR go solo... it's your choice.

    Grab your Blu Track Racers, or any Hot Wheels or Disney Pixar cars (yes, they fit!).


    Start at the top, put a car on each lane. Then just let go to race!


Isn't it time for your kids to


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