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Design more. Race more.

Why Performance Series?

Take your racing fun and excitement to the Next Level with Blu Track Performance Series!

When it comes to getting the most out of our track, that includes MORE... More racing, more creativitymore design options, and more FUN!

That is exactly what inspired us to develop our Performance Series track. We improved upon our already amazing Classic Series track to provide more track, more options and more design flexibility for your little engineer to explore!

Does your child like to take things apart to see how they work? Do they remind you of a "budding engineer" - ever curious, and often tinkering or experimenting with their toys? If you (and your child) are looking for more than simple jumps and loops, you really need to check out our Performance Series track! 


With our Performance Series track, kids can learn to be true engineers - designing awesome stunts by creating larger loops and tighter turns, and experimenting with different slopes and angles. You will be amazed at the concepts they will learn - just by “playing” with Blu Track Performance Series!

Benefits of Performance Series

Blu Track Performance Series is the ultimate in racing and stunt design FUN!

Performance Series - Benefits

More track!

With Performance Series, you get a full 25 feet of track! And more track length means you can do MORE with Performance Series track sets - add more loops, design bigger loops, and create more exciting designs!


Sometimes more is just MORE - and that's true with all of our Performance Series track sets. You get more track to do more when designing your own exciting races. It's that simple!

PS with Double Loops.jpg

Use your imagination to take your races - and stunts - to the next level!

Looking for ideas? Visit our Inspiration Gallery to jump-start your creative thinking!

Performance Series - More Track

More design options!

Our Performance Series track has an exclusive modified design that includes a thicker base, taller lane rails. and a center Performance Channel.


What does that mean for you? PLENTY! Add multiple loops to your race, create taller loops, and so much MORE!

Our Performance Series track has been engineered to hold the coolest track designs even longer than Classic Series, resisting the natural tendency to droop or sag when designing both taller and bigger loops.

Higher side rails on the lanes means more holding power to keep cars on the track - even in sharp curves and steep banks!

And our Channel Inserts (included in all Performance Series sets) provide even more rigidity to your designs, adding support for your tallest loops!

PS Loop with Ramps and Anchor Bar.jpg
Performance Series - More Design Options

More stability!

The thicker base of our Performance Series track means it's less susceptible to taking on the shape of whatever is underneath (bumpy transitions from carpet to hardwood, thick pile carpet, etc.). It also means that it can handle outdoor races better than our Classic Series track.


Both are durable enough to go outside, but our Performance Series will hold its shape longer and make smoother transitions over rough outdoor terrain (which means faster races for you!).

Performance Series - More Stability

More stunts!

Looking to create designs with turning loops? No Problem!


Because of its thicker base and higher rails, our Performance Series track handles changes in plane and direction better than Classic Series. It transfers energy much more efficiently - which means more holding power to prevent your cars from flying off the track (unless you really want them to...)!

PS Cool Setup with Boxes.jpg

Looking to create exciting stunts with your Blu Track Performance Series set?


Check out our Inspiration Gallery for videos and tips to help you get started (or go even bigger!).

Performance Series - More Stunts

More accessories!

All of our Performance Series sets include our exclusive Blu Track Track Anchors. These track anchors are specially designed to hold the track steady when G-forces conspire to move our flexible track!

We love speed, and so does our track, but sometimes track designs need a little help to offset all those G's! Just snap our track into the innovative track anchors and find a heavy object to weight them down inside. Or when racing outside, use the preset holes to anchor your track using a screwdriver, camping stake, or even a stick! Get creative and find what works best for you and your designs!

Our Performance Series center channel accepts Blu Track Inserts, which were specifically engineered to provide added stiffness to our track.


Blu Track Inserts will support track designs with BIGGER LOOPS and corkscrew turns that will bank your cars into tighter corners - even at super-high speeds!


Inserts are an optional accessory, included in some Performance Series Sets.

Share your creativity!

We LOVE to see the creative track designs our customers dream up using our Performance Series track and accessories!

Share your track designs with us so we can be inspired too!

PS Loops supported with Track
Performance Series - More Accessories

More portable!

All of our Performance Series track sets include a convenient travel case - with handle!


It's never been easier to take your Blu Track along - wherever your "little engineer" would like to go!

Outdoor Series Racing in Action!.png
Performance Series - More Portable

PLUS all the great features you expect from Blu Track!

  • Sets up quickly.

Just hang the track, roll it out, find household objects to use for support, and start designing super-cool races - and stunts!

Did we say that already? Blu Track is designed to be tough enough to use inside and out - and engineered to outlast even the most creative imagination!

Simply wipe down the track with a damp cloth or sponge. And if your track ends up with sticky messes, just soak in the sink or tub with a little added household detergent - then rinse, dry and get back to your amazing stunt designs!

Tired of searching all over the house for that one small missing piece? So were we! That's why Blu Track was specifically designed with NO SMALL PARTS to worry about or lose!

  • Easy to clean.

  • Durable design.

  • No small parts.

What are you waiting for? Get your Blu Track Performance Series track today!

Performance Series - Other Benefits
Performance Series Challenge Set.png

Are your kids ready for the challenge?

Design more. Race more. 

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