3 Pack Physics Cars

$ 25.50




NOTE: Although these cars meet the standards for ASTM F963, they are not intended to be used as a Toy.  For toy cars, please visit BluTrack Racers.  

These car are intend to be used to teach physics & force and motion studies.

  • The washer included allow the user to change the mass by as much at 150%.  
  • Larger washer are also available for more control of the car's mass. Increase as much as 300%.
  • The set screws can be used to tighten down the washer load, increase the repeatability of the experiments.

These cars contain a fully threaded 5/16 shaft, one nut per car plus two set of washers.  


  • 9 USS F/f 5/16 Z
  • 9 Larger USS F/Y 5/16 Z

Each kit contains 3 cars.

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