18 Feet BluTrack EduSeries (5.5 meters)

$ 48 $ 62




18 ft BluTrack EduSeries, Hanger pad, Stiffener bar and suction cup.   This is the BluTrack EduSeries used by many schools from Pre-K through university. 

It performs very well outdoors too. Using BluTrack is easy. Once you determine the starting place, simply hang the dual lane track by the hanger pad and start racing.  The stiffener bar is used to help stabilize the track as cars go by and also for holding the top of a loop. 

The flexibility and durability of the track allow for simple or complex races that can include loops, curves, hills, ramps and jumps.  This kit is ideal for any area of play, particularly smaller playrooms or tight spaces.  Additional BluTrack EduSeries is able to run other objects like marbles.  This kit comes in a sturdy storage box container for quick out of the box to play, setup and clean up. 

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