Sprint Strip (7ft Extension or Beginner Track)

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- 7 Ft. length of 2-lane wide flexible toy racetrack

- For use indoors, or outdoors

  • - Fun for a simple race, or a loop, or two, or some great jumps
  • - Connects to other BluTracks to extend your track
  • - This set does not include vehicles

    7 feet of 2-lane racing fun. Use it anywhere indoors or out, for head to head action. As with all of our BluTracks, The Sprint Strip comes with the versatile hanger and connector system. Use Sprint Strip as an extension to increase the length of any BluTrack, or have fun with it all by itself as a basic beginner set. Make your BluTrack as long as you want. The combination hanger/connector pad is incredibly strong.  We pulled a full sized SUV to test the strength of the connection.