BluTrack® EP Adapted Learning Kit

$ 125.50

For your STEM curriculum.

Designed for students who may need to further develop their fine motor skills. This easy-to-use kit is ideal for studying Newton’s Laws of Motion. Simply determine a starting place, hang the dual lane track by the hanger pad, and start racing! The stiffener bar is used to help stabilize the track as cars go by and also for holding the top of a loop. The flexibility and durability of the track allow for simple or complex races that can include loops, curves, hills, ramps, and jumps. Can test a variety of concepts and variables. One easy setup allows for quicker transition through seven lessons, providing more time on task. The smaller track size makes it easier for elementary students to perform experiments. The included illustrated teacher’s guide gives step-by-step instruction in setting up the lab and lesson, and is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards for grades K-2, 3-5, and middle school.

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