50 Ft EP Track

$ 130.05 $ 180

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50’ (15.24M) coil of EP (Engineering/Physics) track with hanger system included.  EP features the structure channel which accepts PVC or wire inserts to allow the users to adjust that amount of stiffness based on design needs. 

For those students/teachers who are serious about a engineering challnge.

While EP (Engineering/Physics) track passes all the same testing standards as our toys (ASTM 963), it is not a toy but rather an engineering/educational tool.

EP is designed for high performance, repeatability and to challenge those students/teachers who want to do more.  EP uses 45% more material than our classic product, has very tight tolerances and features the new “Structure Channel”.  The Structure Channel coupled with the insert system gives EP a much larger design envelope.


Made in USA

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