BLU in Your Community

Blu Track isn't just for home and educational use!

BLU is a creative solution for a variety of activities and events throughout every community.

Check below for inspiration - we've listed just a few of the great ways that BLU can help engage clients and members of your group, organization or community with active learning... and tons of FUN!

Museums & Libraries

from leasing outreach programs to in-house parties... we can design a kit for you.

Hospitals & Clinics

From waiting rooms fun to fine motor skill development.

Community & Group Events

Don't over think this one, a length of BLU, a stand, a hill, a bucket of cars... simply add kids.

Innovation & Team Building

design challenges, for students and employees a like.

Top 10 Ways BLU Can Help You


generate additional foot traffic

Engage patrons with a cool, innovative, and unique activity!


Encourage active, hands-on learning

Whether inside or outside, we have a Blu Track solution for you!


Build/grow STEM-based learning programs

Engineer and design using real world applications.


Promote family & community 


With multiple generations working side by side, everyone can share in the fun!


enhance fine & gross motor skills, communication and cognitive development

Reach the whole child -

physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.


provide creative activities for waiting rooms & play areas

Play areas that are unplugged,

yet encourage plugged-in play!


offer additional options for your toy lending program

BLU offers customizable options to meet

your specific needs!


provide a flexible solution for a wide range of ages and abilities

Offer an active play option that can adapt to the capabilities of each child.


spur innovative thinking with a creative, outside the box

team-building activity

Working together to explore designs will expand the group's thinking and perspectives!


it's just plain fun to create and design with blu

So what are you waiting for...? Try BLU and see for yourself why BLU is the track for you!

BLU is the Track You Keep!

  • Cost-Effective

    Award winning, open-ended  design = countless options!

  • Durable Construction

    Designed to stand up to continual use.

  • Safe Materials

    Quality materials are made in the USA and meet safety standards.

  • Easy to Clean

    Simply wipe track down with soap and water to clean.

  • Quick Set-Up

    With only a few parts, sets up and tears down in minutes!

  • Adapt for Age/Ability

    Suitable for multiple generations - and varying levels of cognition.

  • Compact & Portable

    Easily packed up and stored in it's own carry case.

  • No Small Pieces

    Suitable for ages 3 and up (without physics cars).

  • Expands Easily 

    Add items from your own environment!

  • Customizable 

    Contact us to add your own LOGO or Custom Color track! 

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