BluTrack Custom Programs

For those companies, organizations, or schools that want to provide their students/customers with something special, BluTrack can help.  Our domestic manufacturing allows us to turn out product in as little as 10 business days.

From Components to Complete Kits!

​​Need a special length of our patented BluTrack?  
BluTrack component order for a custom ASE STEM kit.

150 ft BluTrack "Outdoor" for the University of Iowa Children Hospitals.


 BluTrack "Classic" custom length with custom packaging


Custom Colors

Need BluTrack to match your company or school colors? 



Not sure of what your school or company needs... let us help.  
Design is a core strength of BluTrack.



Custom Program FAQ


  • Do  you (MJ Sports DBA BluTrack) provide graphics support?
  • We do have inside graphics design but graphic design is not a core strength for us.  We can provide very basic support but we normally rely on your company’s marketing team to supply artwork.
  • What is the lead-time on a custom order?
        • For a custom length, lead-time is usually less than 10 business days.
  • For a standard offering of BluTrack, what is the smallest custom length order?
      • For units cut off-line it can be as little as 10 units.  We will give a quote based on your needs.  In most cases, it is more economical for the customer to cut the track themselves.
      • For a custom length of a standard BluTrack product to be run inline requires between 100 - 150 units or more.  Depending on the length of the track and product mix.
  • What color options do I have?
        • Colors is really only limited to CPSIA testing and your budget.
  • Can you match my company's colors?
        • Yes, we can.  Your colors may require testing to confirm that it complies with the toy safety laws. When using our BluTrack PS series, we can run the track in one color and the PVC insert in another.
  • Can we print our logo on the surface of the track?
        • Maybe…. Depends on a few factors and will require a volume commitment.
  • Payment plan on custom orders?
        • Custom orders require 50% down before we will run.  Newer customers will be required to pay the remain 50% before the product will be released.  Some returning on-going customers do have credit terms.
  • What BluTrack products do I have to choose from?
        • BluTrack Classic, BluTrack PS, BluTrack EP and BluTrack Outdoors.  Each of these product lines have slightly different purchase requirements.
  • Can my company get an exclusive BluTrack product?
        • Yes, we currently have two existing agreements but it does require a volume commitment.
  • Can we get product design assistance?
      • Yes but only as it relates to our patented items.

     Contact us at for more information.