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Photo from 2002 when BluTrack was just starting up.  The working title of BluTrack was J-Track because it was made for Jay.


BluTrack has grown considerable since those startup days, we now have two version of the toy and two versions for commercial applications.


"While we are proud that BluTrack is used in schools and clubs across the country, it is important to remember that BluTrack was designed first and foremost to be FUN".  -Inventor Randy Belding

BluTrack is used to teach Force & Motion/physics in schools from Kindergarten through University (a fun way to learn)

Why you should invest in Blutrack: Value

  • Hours of Fun: Children (adults too) can do so many different things with 2-lane wide, highly flexible BluTrack it keeps them busy for hours. The video above shows only a few of the things you can do when you put your mind to it.
  • Remember how fun it was to modify your toys when you were a child?  BluTrack's concept is fun in creating.
  • No small parts to lose.  Remember losing parts to your old track?  BluTrack's continuous coil, and versatile hanger system put that problem where it belongs...in the past.
  • Cost Savings: If you want to do as many things with a conventional track system as you can with BluTrack, you would have to purchase dozens of sets.  Add up those costs and compare to the bargain BluTrack provides.
  • Space Savings:​ Think of the storage space you'll save with one BluTrack set compared to dozens of the conventional sets. For added convenience, many of our boxes are reusable storage/travel boxes.

There are no detailed instructions for BluTrack.  Children should be able to explore.  Our instructions might form a box around their creativity.  Children try designs that we adults would not think possible.  We believe the kids will play longer creating their own designs, not ours. BluTrack provides concepts and tools so you can watch and see how far your child can take those concepts.  BTW, KIDS are much better at creating designs than adults!

Best way to use BluTrack:

  • Free Play: Instructions too early tends to limit the users creative thinking.
  • Hook up your BluTrack and roll it out.  IF you have ramps, we suggest that you keep them back for at least the first couple of hours.  Free play is just another way of saying "let the kids experiment with the track"
  • Structure is "Everywhere":  
  • ​Encourage the kids to use "Household items" to support their designs.
  • Encourage them to release the car from different heights, what happens?
  •  "Open ended Challenges": Getting them to think about their designs.
  • " Can you create a loop using these water bottles and a chair?"  How big can you get it?
  • " Can you make it turn 180 degrees?
  • "Can you get the BluTrack to loop around the chair?
  • "Can you jump the cars into the box?
  • If available: introduce the ramps:
  • ​The hope is that the ramps are seen as just another "tool" to help them with "their" design and NOT the solution. ​
  • Do you have a bucket of cars?  BluTrack is compatible with Hot Wheels brand, Matchbox brand, and other 1/64th and 1/50th scale vehicles to include Darda.

Start simple, get the feel of the track, do some simple jumps, graduate to a single loop, then experiment with some amazing stunts!

 Stunts may not always work on the first try.  It can take many tweaks to get your design to work, but if you are operating within the laws of physics, you'll find success!