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Intro to Force and Motion

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New BluTrack Physics Cars

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BluTrack EP Series

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NEW for fall of 2016


"Our theory has always been that we never want to restrict a child’s ability to think for themselves, and we are confident this new track perfectly serves that purpose.”




Introducing our NEW EP (Engineering/Physics) track.  This series of products was designed for your classrooms.  The first item in our new series is the Intro to Force and Motion kit K-6 which features shared Google documents which allow teachers flexibility in how students share their learning, either electronically or on traditional paper.  For details visit the STEM page.


Engineering Design Challenge...50 ft of new BluTrack Performance Series track, 4 gallons of water, 3M duct tape, 3M hooks, 3M painter tape BluTrack Ramps, several yard sticks, extra anchor bars and 24 minutes to set up.  

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Award winning, highly flexible, 2 lane toy racetrack.  Race, jump, and do amazing loops with your Hotwheels ® , Matchbox ® cars. From Schools to your Home.

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